Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference

  for breweries, allied industry and water policy makers


  April 19-20, 2016 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The Great Lakes Compact has its costs:

How to save water and save money now

Join us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 19-20, 2016, with workshops and tours to be announced.

The conference is all-volunteer produced to help craft brewers save water and save money. With many water utilities in the Great Lakes region increasing fees by 25% or more in the next year, the conference will pay for itself through practical systems for water savings.

Presentations cover water quality, water conservation, wastewater treatment and water monitoring systems, with all speakers donating their time, travel and expertise. Samples of past presentations are posted online courtesy of contributors.

Sponsorships defray costs of rental space, coffee breaks and meals, event insurance, tour and transit, website and outreach. Thanks to the following sponsors for their continuing support. 

  Sustaining Sponsor: Briggs of Burton, Inc.

2016 Sponsors (alphabetical list): 

BarFly Ventures

Past presentations and panels cover systems for water conservation, water auditing, rain water harvesting, wastewater treatment and recycling, and alternative energy installations.

Why should you participate? Water policy in the Great Lakes region - the source of 20 percent of the world's supply of available freshwater -  is changing rapidly.
The bi-national Great Lakes Compact requires all water-intensive businesses within the watershed to implement water conservation practices. State and Province regulations for the Compact's implementation are due in 2015.

A short documentary about the 2009 conference's beer and cheese tasting is posted on YouTube here. Here's an article dated March 25, 2010, published by the Great Lakes Echo about water conservation and craft brewing.

Sponsorships are welcome, and include sponsor tables for information and displays. Thank you to participating speakers who donate their time, expertise and travel.



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