Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference

  for breweries, allied industry and water policy makers


  April 19-20, 2016 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  The Pilot House at Discovery World, Lake Michigan


A note about these presentations - all the content in these presentations remains copyrighted by the authors - you must contact them for permission to present or quote any of the information contained in these documents. We are making the information public in the interests of water conservation, craft brewing and in support of the Great Lakes. Any use without permission of the author(s) is prohibited.

From the Milwaukee Conference, October 2009:

Todd Ambs, administrator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Great Lakes Compact & Breweries

Gary Ballasteros, Alliance for the Great Lakes and VP-Legal Counsel, Rockwell Automation, An Overview of the Great Lakes Compact

Thomas Pape, Alliance for Water Efficiency; Water Efficiency of Beer

Dr. Robin Shepard, Associate Professor of Life Sciences Communications at UW-Madison and author, Wisconsin Breweries & Brewpubs (University of Wisconsin Press, 2002),

Ashley Routson, The Beer Wench, Brewpub water efficiency and kitchen operations

Jeff Edgerton, Assistant Brewmaster, Bridgeport Brewing Co., water efficiency and best practices - his presentation will be available in the MBAA Technical Quarterly

Fred Strachan, Supervisor of Water Process and Systems, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA, water audits in brewhouses and brewpubs - how to work with your utility to reduce water costs

From the March 26, 2010 workshop in Rochester, NY:

The Price of Water - Sammis B. White, PhD, UW-Milwaukee
G. William Page, PhD, U Buffalo
Michael Wolkoff, PhD, U of Rochester

Brewery Optimization and Water Reduction in Cleaning Operations, Linda A. Rastani and John Berardino, Alfa Laval

Waste Water Pre-treatment for Small Breweries, Jason Fox, Brewmaster, Custom Brewcrafters

From the Madison WI Conference, October 2010:

Copyright belongs to the authors and their companies/organizations, so please contact authors for permission to use or quote any of the following presentations:

Todd Ambs, River Network, Keynote address, Sustaining the Waters of North America

Graham Broadhurst, Briggs of Burton, Principles & Practices of Cleaning in Place

Karl Crave, Clear Horizons LLC - Waste to Energy Installations

Pete Fernholz, Ecolab, Cleaning in Place Best Practices

John Haggerty, New Holland Brewing Co., Practical Waste Water Treatment & Effluent Reduction (includes some of Jason Fox's information from March workshop)

Brian Hunt, Moonlight Brewing, Water thrift

Jaime Jurado, Gambrinus Co. ROI Energy - Spoetzl Brewery Case Study

Franco Milani, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Waste to Energy

Jim Nicholas, United States Geological Survey, Great Lakes Compact

Tom Pape, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Audits and Green Codes

Linda Rastani, Alfa Laval, Brewery Water Savings Systems

Bill Sherwood, Stone Brewing Co., Evolution of Waste Water Treatment

DECEMBER 2010, Draft for review, Water Conservation Model Policies & Measures, recommendations by the Alliance for the Great Lakes

Presentations from the April 25, 2011 workshop in St. Louis:

Mike Kallenberger, Tropos Brand Consulting,  Green Branding for Brewers

Evan Meffert, Bell's Brewery, Water Intensity Baselining for Breweries

Presentations from the October 4-5, 2012 conference in Chicago:


Jarrett Diamond, The Green Brewery Project, energy and operations case history, Corner Brewery, Yspilanti, MI

Larry Bennett, Brewery Ommegang, protecting water resources

Randy Barr, New Glarus Brewing Co., waste water treatment at the Hilltop Brewery

John Stier, antea group, sustainability in craft brewing - Brewers Association Guides

Heather West, water stewardship research conducted at the Bill Lane Center for the American West

Michael Kallenberger, Tropos Brand Consulting, expanded Green Branding for Brewers

Karen Hobbs, Natural Resources Defense Council, Clean Water Protection and Great Tasting Beer

Presentations from the October 22, 2014 conference in Grand Rapids:


Marc Smith, National Wildlife Federation - Great Lakes Compact Overview 

Jaime Jurado, Abita Brewing Co., Fundamentals for Wastewater and Biogas - Brewery Opportunity

Walker Modic, Bell's Brewery, Sustainable Water Use in Brewing

Chuck Skypeck, Brewers Association - Sustainability Best Practices

Ian Hughes, Goose Island - Waste to Energy: Yeast

Tyler Glaze, Short's Brewing Co. - Wastewater Treatment

John Hazlett, Jin Tao of Williams Creek Consulting and Clay Robinson, Sun King, Ecological WasteWater Treatment

Garry Boyd, BarFly Ventures and Jason Spaulding, Brewery Vivant, Sustainability and Hospitality

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